Abhishek has not only worked on restoration of school buildings and providing better infrastructure in schools, he has also personally motivated the students by organising talks on various academic and value based topic like saying no to crackers, pollution control, water conservation, water harvesting etc.
Health Care
ensuring that people of his jurisdiction have access to quality public health services
  • Dispensaries- Mobile and regular, Eye care camps, Organ Donation Drives
  • Vector Borne Diseases Prevention (Dengue, Malaria, Chickengunia etc)- awareness via students, eliminating mosquito breeding by de-clogging of blocked drains, elimination of water logged areas and defogging
  • Air pollution penalties on violators including the government bodies
Energy & Environment
Andrews Ganj is among the greenest constituencies with more than 120 parks and green zones.In last 7 years many projects were initiated for better maintenance of grass zones, creation of all-weather walkways, senior citizen friendly tracks, installation of rides and swings for children, open huts for evening shelters, sitting area including open amphitheatre, plantation of native varieties of plants.
Open Gym
Under this project, the parks are equipped with open gyms and divided into three types of training zones, light, medium and heavy. Each junction will have an instruction board that would carry details on exercises, age limit and directions of usage. These trails will be equipped with shoulder builder, horse rider, sky walker, taichi spinner, sit-up board and bench with fixed dumbbell, chest press dimension and cross trainer etc. These spaces will also have acupressure centres and mud tracks for joggers.
Citizens Safety
It is an old wisdom that "Lively neighbourhoods are safe neighbourhoods and vice versa Illuminated spaces are natural deterrent to criminals. As citizens feel safe, they will stay outdoors till late hours, thus increasing liveliness and happiness quotient of the neighbourhood. Energy Efficiencies Service (EESL) is a project to eliminate dark corners and enlighten every corner of the locality by installation of LED based lights in all lanes, by-lanes, markets and parks of the area thus encouraging outdoors, evening life and sports - making it truly safe and lively even for small kids and elderly.
Wall of Honour
The commemorative wall or The Wall of Honour at Veer Bhumi Chowk, New Delhi is a tribute to the contribution of brave Indian soldiers who spent their lives in service to nation. Here people pay respects to the veterans and brave soldiers. The commemorative wall completed on July 29, 2016, has 98 names including names of our gallantry award winners and names of some of the finest soldiers the country has produced, including Ashok Chakra awardee Lt Puneet Nath Dutt, the 11 Gorkha Rifles officer who died battling terrorists in 1997 when just 24 years old. Another honoree is Mahavir Chakra awardee Brigadier Joginder Singh Bakshi, who captured Bogra district in what what was then East Pakistan in 1971. It will be a live monument and names of more martyrs will be inscripted on the wall at regular intervals.