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Product Introduction:
Magnetic Pushpins will hold your photos and notes firmly to the fridge. No more sliding down when the second sheet is added. These are also great for sticking notes to metal things like front door notes (for metal clad doors) as well as sticking to office cabinets, drawers, cubicle lights or metal panels in office cubicles.
ULTRA STRONG - 9mm diameters push pin magnets, hold up to 20 pieces A4 papers on ironic surface. More powerful than most of the push pin magnets on the market.
8 COLORS - Decorative colors including red, yellow, blue, green, white, black, purple, orange. 6 pieces for each colors.
HARD PLASTIC SHELL - Neodymium Magnets are well-protected by hard plastic shell. Pawn style chess head for you to easily pick it up.
VERSATILE USAGE - Strongest magnetic push pins works with refrigerator, whiteboard, chalkboard, office bulletin board, magnetic board, classroom map.
GIFT BOX PACKAGE - Comes in mini gift box package, ready to go as a gift.
BOLD COLOR - Set of 24 magnetic push pins. 3 each of black, white, blue, red, orange, green, purple and yellow. Create a fun atmosphere w/custom colorful refrigerator magnets! These bold colored refrigerator magnets are great for color coding and/or decorating your refrigerator! Use for office magnets, fridge magnets & map push pins!
SECURE HOLDING CAPABILITY - Don't underestimate these magnetic tacks, they mean business! Each colorful magnet reliably holds up to 10 sheets of printer paper!
VERSATILE - These colorful magnetic pins can be used anywhere from your house fridge to your office whiteboard. Set of 24 magnetic pins with assorted colors.
LIFETIME GUARANTEE - Each magnet you buy will last a lifetime or Pushpins Magnets will replace them for free.
+By Air: If the goods will be shipped by air, all the magnetic should be degaussed and we will use Iron sheet to shield.
+By Sea: If the goods are will be shipped by sea, we will place a pallet on the bottom of cartons.
Why choose us
● 12 years experience in magnetic products;
Advanced facilities and Nattiness Production environment;
Six production lines, over 3000 tons output per year
● R&D solutions and Sourcing ability;
High accuracy inspection equipment to measure the parameters of our products;
● Consistent&Quality supply chain;
Strict QC procedures through out the whole production run; ASTM, CE and ROHS standards meet.
● 7/24 full time service&on time delivery;
Professional Anti-magnetic packaging;
Totally safe for Air&Sea Shipping
1. Q: Which is the strongest type of magnet?
A: Neodymium (more precisely Neodymium-Iron-Boron) magnets are the strongest permanent magnets in the world.
2. Q: What information do I need to supply when I have an inquiry?
A: If you have any inquiry, please kindly advise the following items:
Dimensions, sizes, shape and drawing with tolerances.
Material grade or magnetic properties.
Magnetic direction, quantity. Surface coating (if necessary).
Any special packing, delivering or other requirements.
3. Q: What about the sample time and charge?
A: 7-10 days if the sample have to be customized, charge according to your design.
3-7 days for our existing samples for reference
4. Q: What about the delivery time of your products?
A: 10-15days.
Fast Delivery once you confirmed your design, we can produce it as fast as possible, and deliver it as quick and convenient as possible.
5. Q: Could you provide me the shortest lead time?
A: That's based on whether we have the available materials in stock, we will try our best to satisfy you if any urgency.wholesale Magnetic Pushpin
website: http://www.bearheart-magnet.com/magnetic-assembly/magnetic-pushpin/


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