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Asico manufactures a comprehensive range of door frames from top quality materials designed to suit various applications.

Need just a metal door frame? We have knock down and welded door frames to fit almost any opening.
Sometimes you already have the door and all you need is just a commercial door frame. We offer 3 piece KD Knock Down frames in both drywall and concrete block wall sizes.

ASICO Metal Frame is manufactured from cold rolled steel or galvanized steel conforming to ASTM A1008/A 1008/M CS Type B, ASTM A 1011/A 1011M CS Type B and fire rated tested under UL 10 (b), UL 10 (c), ASTM E2074, NFPA 80, NFPA 252 and British standard BS476 Part 22, 1987.  
In fact, ASICO metal frame is no only used for steel fire door but also widely used for timer doors and window glass construction.
ASICO Steel door sets and metal frames are usually provided on a supply and install basis. Therefore, installers will be trained on the product, which will ensure its fire performance is not compromised by poor fitting. And also there are many options anchors supporting different installation conditions.
Available Anchors:
Drywall Frame Anchor
Drywall Frame Pressure Anchor
Wood stud strap Anchor
Floor Anchor
Masonry Frame Anchor
Wired Anchor
Tee plate Anchor
Steel stud strap Anchor
Adjustable frame Anchor
Existing wall Expansion Bolt Anchor
What’s more, ASICO has also created his own lite frame and at the meanwhile, our team has customized all standard preparations for American hardware such as knob lock, mortised lock, panic push bar, louvers and etc.  

Asico door is actually composed of 3 basic components – The door slab, jambs and anchors. Doors are hinged on a jamb which is considered an essential part of the door. The jamb is in its turn fastened to wall opening. The anchors fits well between the jamb and the wall.

ASICO provides great solution for commercial door with attractive factory price and surprisingly fast delivery. Certified by UL&BS, Asico offers a various wonderful choices of hollow metal door, metal frame, steel fire door, wooden fire door, hotel door etc.Metal Frame factory


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